We delve into Fred Patten‘s legacy, as one of the founding fathers of the furry fandom! Also, we take a look at his latest book, ‘Furry Fandom Conventions, 1989 – 2015’, a volume bursting with furry history!

This is an article written by Kyell Gold about the furry fandom, published on March 2016 at Uncanny Magazine. It presents the fandom in an inspiring way, encouraging others to get involved in it, and to enjoy its welcoming and creative environment, its people, and many furry activities. We host on this website the Spanish translation of the original text with the approval of the author and editors for non-profit purposes, without extending rights to other websites or endeavors. The original English article can be found here (link⇒).

Fursonas is the 2016 documentary by furry filmmaker and director Dominic Rodriguez, whose furry nickname is Video. Released for the whole world to see on May 10th through video on demand (VOD), it depicts the deeply personal views on furry identity, acceptance, and interaction with the media, of several people within the furry fandom. This is a review of the movie. But more so, this is a reflection on the movie’s themes, which anyone with an emotional investment in the fandom should consider.