Adiffa (Asociación de Divulgación del Furry Fandom) is a national, registered, non-profit association based in Madrid (Spain). Its purpose is the promotion and dissemination of furry fandom:

  • Of its existence as a social group of fans.
  • Of its own culture, reflected in jargon, customs, and common activities.
  • Of its art, be it visual, literary, textile, or others.
  • Of the art or activities that, by being related to animal anthropomorphism, may be of special interest to this group of fans.

To accomplish these goals, the association can carry out or arrange the following activities:

  • Visits to cultural events, or cultural events of its own: movies, musicals, concerts, plays, art exhibitions, or others.
  • Social recreation or leisure activities.
  • Educational public speeches about the furry fandom, or related culture.
  • Contests, with right to a prize, with pre-established conditions.
  • Publication of artistic material, visual or literary, in digital or printed format.
  • Manteinance and updating of this website, Furry Chronicles.
  • Initiatives of journalistic nature, such as reports, or interviews with public figures of creative trade related to animal anthropomorphism.
  • Granting interviews to the media, or responding to requests for collaboration with the media or with other entities, always in compliance with the stated goals of the association.

The source of income of the association is the annual membership fee (of around 25 €), and voluntary donations, money that is used entirely for funding its activities. Any person can belong to the association provided that they have an interest in the development of its activities, that they’re of legal age, and that they pay said fee. For any question, our e-mail address is:  fandom (at)