We delve into Fred Patten‘s legacy, as one of the founding fathers of the furry fandom! Also, we take a look at his latest book, ‘Furry Fandom Conventions, 1989 – 2015’, a volume bursting with furry history!

Furrnion 2017 is the first furry fandom convention in Spain. A total of 155 fans registered at the con, which was held in Madrid. Everyone had a wonderful time! We interview one of the managers of the event, Salmy the cheetah.

The Saga of Atlas & Axis is a very special collection of comic books that chronicles the adventures of these two anthropomorphic dogs, Atlas (Afghan hound) and Axis (Terrier mutt). We review the comic books and interview the artist behind their design!

The fable is probably the oldest literary form of animal anthropomorphism that exists, present in writings, but also of immense oral tradition. It appears in all cultures and societies, old and new, with a universal appeal and usefulness that never goes out of style. In this article we go through the history of the fable, from the beginnings to the present. Furry is certainly not only a current and passing interest!