The other day I stepped outside the elevator to find one standing just outside, peering through the windows. I could see the poor creature was in distress, trying to comprehend what was happening. I tapped the glass to get its attention. The poor thing immediately reached for its reality escape device! (I think they call them “phones”.)

I wanted to learn more about humans, so I went outside and followed it. A few streets away the creature entered a building. Inside it were hundreds of humans sitting in tiny square rooms with big screens in front of them. Then it hit me. This must be the natural habitat of these mysterious creatures! I immediately understood why they always look as if they’ve discovered a distant land when they see us. These poor beings live their life in captivity. What struck with me most is that they seem completely fine with it. It makes me wonder what they could achieve if we freed them.



Article by Rythm as published in NordicFuzzCon’s “What the Fuzz?!” 2020, Issue #4

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